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Changes to Medication Available on prescription

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group has recommended that Practices stop routinely prescribing branded medicines and a number of lower value, self-care products which are widely available to buy without prescription from pharmacies and supermarkets. The Practices in North Halifax are working hard to review prescriptions and stop prescribing items which are commonly available over the counter. These products include:

  • Baby milks
  • infant colic products
  • vitamin supplements
  • emollients (moisturisers) for minor dry skin conditions
  • cosmetic products, including eflornithine for facial hair
  • antifungal nail paints
  • sunscreen products

Increasing demand for NHS Services as well as the effects of national austerity measures, means that the organisation must make difficult, but clinically-led decisions to ensure that the money available can meet the needs of people in Calderdale.

By not routinely prescribing these self care treatments, the NHS in Calderdale could save £300,000 each year, while £100,000 is spent every year on prescribing branded medicines without a medical reason, where a non-branded (generic) medicine containing the same active ingredient would be as effective.

The decision has been made following public opinion and feedback gathered in the CCG’s public consultation: Changing the way we prescribe in Calderdale. This ran from 16th October 2017-4th December 2017.

There are some exceptions whereby we can still prescribe lower value products. For more information please click here

For an advice leaflet, please click here