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Feedback from patient comments


Patient comment: Please stop taking on new patients when you can’t cope with the ones your existing workload.

Thank you for your comment.  Our patient registrations list is open and we need to make patients aware of this. We are contractually unable to deliver additional services to our patients such as childhood immunisations, minor surgery, smoking cessation etc. if we close our Practice list to new patients

GPs and practices are under unprecedented pressure at the moment. There are about 340 million consultations annually in general practice in England, an increase of 40 million per year from five years ago. This represents the single greatest rise in volume of care within any sector of the NHS. The increase has not been matched by an increase in GP numbers and staff, nor by an expansion in infrastructure, against a background of falling resource.

GPs are being overwhelmed by rising workload, particularly from a growing ageing population with complex health needs. At the same time, there is a shortage of GPs that and we are unable to recruit doctors, as well as experienced GPs leaving general practice altogether.

We are constantly reviewing our workload and adapting to ensure we continue to offer our patients high quality clinical services. We need support from our patients to do this. If you would like to get involved in helping us shape services please join our patient reference group. Application forms are available from reception.