Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) supports Primary Care Networks (PCNs) by providing funding for reimbursable roles.

The scheme has two key goals:

  • to support the recruitment of 26,000 additional staff,
  • and to reduce the health inequalities that arise due to workforce shortages in general practices.
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ARRS supports 12 new roles. These are Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Health and Well-being Coaches, Dieticians, podiatrists, Paramedics, Health Practitioners, Nursing Associates, Occupational Therapists, First-contact Physiotherapists, Care Co-ordinators and Physician Associates.

ARRS Roles

ARRS Roles

ARRS stands for Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, a funding scheme for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in the NHS. ARRS allows the PCN to create multi-disciplinary teams that can meet the needs of their local population and provide support where it is most needed. Please click on the following link to read more about the roles:

Services – North Halifax PCN

contraceptive services

Contraceptive services

We offer a variety of contraceptive services including oral contraception (“the pill”), the contraceptive implant, the injectable contraceptive, condoms and the  intrauterine devices (sometimes referred to as “coils”). The following website has excellent information on contraception and sexual health

E Consultations

To submit an electronic consultation please follow the link

E-Consultations are available for patients who do not need a telephone, or face to face appointment. These are non-urgent requests which are reviewed by a member of the practice team within 72 hours and an electronic response sent. They can be used for reasons such as a request for medication which is not on your usual repeats.

Non-NHS Work

The Practice does undertake work which is not covered by the NHS and is classed as private. This work includes things such as copy records, insurance claim forms, medicals and letters for outside agencies. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be processed or actioned.

Request will be passed to the medical secretaries for initial assessment. They will contact you to advise you of the approximate fee for your request and take payment over the telephone
via card. If you are unable to pay via card, cash payment in person must be made prior to any work being completed. Your request will then be passed to the GP for assessment. If the GP
agrees to do this work, the fee could be more or less than you have paid depending on the amount of time it takes to complete. You will be advised if any further payment is due, or if a
refund is required.

If an examination is required an appointment will be made with the GP once payment has been received.

All urgent requests for work to be completed within three working days will be considered, but not guaranteed. These requests will be charged at double the usual rate
(excluding copy records)

Please complete this form providing as much detail as possible and ensuring that we have an up-to-date contact telephone number. Please enclose any forms or letters as this will enable us
to assess your request more thoroughly.

Minor Surgery Clinics

Minor surgery clinics for procedures such as joint injections, minor skin lesion removals are carried our by our clinicians.  Once you have been assessed by your clinician – GP, ANP, ACP, etc. and deemed suitable for the procedure, you can contact us to book an appointment. Please note we are currently operating a waiting list for minor surgery.

Smoking Cessation

The Practice offers a service to offer advice and support patients who wish to stop smoking.

Look at this website for support in giving up smoking:

NHS Stop Smoking Service – Yorkshire Smokefree


NHS Healthchecks

NHS Healthchecks are available for patients aged 40-74 with no pre-existing health conditions. You will have an initial appointment for bloods, blood pressure, height, weight and health screening.

Annual Medication Reviews

Plane Trees Group Practice are carrying out all medication reviews and any necessary health checks in the month of your birth.  This will reduce your trips to the surgery, the number of blood tests you need and number of appointments with clinicians.

If your birthday is coming up or has passed and you believe you are due for an annual review – medication and condition review please contact us and enquire with our patient advisors, who will check your records and book you in if necessary.

Influenza Vaccination

Annual clinics are established to vaccinate against influenza and commence in September. The vaccination is recommended for the elderly and those with diabetes, asthma, chronic respiratory or heart disease, renal disease, immuno-compromised, asplenic patients or in long stay residential accommodation.  For full list of  conditions and detailed information,  visit