North Halifax PCN

What is a PCN?

A Primary Care Network is a partnership of GP surgeries situated within a shared geographical area, united by a common goal: enhancing the quality of care provided to their patients. Our journey commenced in mid-2019, when the practices in the northern region of Halifax came together to form this network. Today, we proudly encompass Beechwood Medical Centre, Caritas Group Practice, Keighley Road Surgery, and Plane Trees Group Practice, collectively serving approximately 38,000 patients.

About Us

What began as a small initiative quickly revealed its potential to benefit our partner practices, patients, and the broader community. Our dedicated team now boasts Clinical Pharmacists, Care Coordinators, Social Prescribers, and a Mental Health Practitioner, offering an array of services that surpass 500 additional hours of care each week. These services not only alleviate pressure on our partner practices but also introduce entirely new dimensions to primary care, such as social prescribing, health coaching, first contact physio, and mental health support. 

Our success is a testament to collaborative efforts with other health and social care providers, as well as the invaluable contributions of charitable and voluntary organisations. Being part of this innovative approach to healthcare is a privilege, and we take pride in our ever-evolving team.